Check out our ecosystem partners below


Check out our ecosystem partners below

For version 2 Curie

Teahouse Finance

A DeFi strategy platform dedicated to providing secure and flexible asset management.


DeFi mobile wallet Frontier will add support for Perpetual Protocol and staking for the PERP token.


Stakingbits is a DeFi-focused content platform educating the community about DeFi.

Website Illustrations

Illustrations for the new website


OptyFi is a multi-chain yield optimization protocol that provides simplified access to risk-adjusted yield across DeFi.


DeFi education and media platform educating its audience about Perpetual Protocol.


A Python SDK for Perpetual Protocol

DeCommas Futures

DeCommas Futures is a part of the DeCommas platform which intends to be single-stop DeFi solution for liquidity aggregation, portfolio management, and automation.

YIN Finance

Active liquidity management on Uniswap v3 that automatically collects fees and re-invests them for LPs.

CoinGecko API

API that allows data to be provided to CoinGecko such as price, funding, open interest, volume and more.

Referral Builder

A program that allows influencers to distribute referral codes to users. Once users complete a series of actions will then be able to be sent rewards with the influencers also receiving a reward in this case.

Atlantis World

A pixel metaverse with gamified DeFi integrating Perpetual Protocol, a token-gated space for PERP holders, video calling & in-game DAO voting.

Website Refresh

Provided a new website that helped tie together Governance Forums, Snapshot Voting, Exchange, Rewards, Docs and Developer Community.

A cryptocurrency and DeFi educational website providing content for both beginners & experienced users.


IndexZoo is a cross-chain DeFi ecosystem of tokenized indices built for utmost accuracy, maximum leverage and lowest cost.

Community Bot

A Discord/Telegram bot that tracks funding rates, volume/liquidity for the PERP token on Sushiswap and more!


A pool manager for Perp v2 allowing you to add liquidity and analyse your maker positions.

Unlocked Token Tracking

Bounty to have someone within the community track the 21M in tokens we unlock.

ROI Card

The ROI card is auto-generated when closing a position on Perpetual Protocol so you can show off your profitable trades.


UniDex is building the ultimate scalable trading terminal and aggregator for DeFi investors and traders.

Perp Terminal

The analytics hub for Perpetual Protocol traders

Defi Lab

A simulator for Perpetual Protocol LP's, the simulator helps quantify impermanent position and visualize liquidation thresholds. Further the app also provides back testing functionality.


A Perp v2 liquidity provision simulator


Building an automated fee compounder for LP positions in Perp v2


A DeFi marketplace for turning trade ideas into investable vaults, utilizing perp v2 as the backend

Perp Calculator

An app used to calculate trading risk/returns as well as LP returns


Building basis trade vaults utilizing Perp v2

Let's Build Together
Let's Build Together
Grants Program
Apply to build on Perpetual Protocol ↗
Grants Program
Apply to build on Perpetual Protocol ↗